Facility Reservations

Rent Our Facilities

Whether you are planning a birthday party, business retreat, family reunion, athletic event or social gathering, Sugar Land Parks & Recreation has a unique facility to fit your needs.

Making a Reservation

Reservations must be made in person at the Imperial Park Recreation Center (open 7 days a week). Reservations for the T.E. Harman Center (open Monday-Friday) must be made in person directly at that facility. To find out what's available for your preferred date, click here to view rental availability online.

Take a look below at the various event venues and facilities we have available, including facility fees, amenities, policies, facility photos and more.

Reservation Policies

Reservation Eligibility:

  • In order to receive resident rental rates a valid (Sugar Land) Texas driver's license and City of Sugar Land water bill will be required to show proof of residency. Applicants that have Sugar Land as the city on their license but the address does not fall within the corporate city limits will not receive resident rates.
  • All applicants must be 21 years of age or older.
  • The individual signing the application must handle all transactions, inquiries and changes.

Standard / Non-Standard Reservations:

  • A Standard Reservation is defined as any park gathering that stays within the set occupancy limits of the reservable park space.
  • A Non-Standard Reservation is defined as a temporary gathering, rally, parade, race, festival, exhibit, display, entertainment, performance, or presentation held in a park space that requires the placement or erection of one or more stages, booths, kiosks, tables, tents, barricades, or similar temporary structure and may exceed set occupancy limits of the reservable park space. Click here to find out more about hosting a special event in our parks or facilities.

All applicants must agree to abide by the Standard Reservation and Facility Use Policies.


Deposits are required for all reservations and due upon making a facility reservation. All rental fees are due 10 days before the applicant's event. 

Mobile Food Units

Guidelines and requirements for reserving mobile food unit-only parking spaces at designated parks within the city limits. Vendors reserving Sugar Land Parks & Recreation mobile food unit parking spaces agree to abide by the Mobile Food Unit Policies.