Fines & Appeals

Red Light Fines

The owner of a vehicle photographed running a red light will be subject to a $75 fine. Notices with an image of the violation will be mailed to the owner of the vehicle within 30 days of the red light offense. Payment options will be included, as well as instructions to appeal the violation through an administrative hearing.

The revenue from red light penalties will be split between the state and a special city account to fund traffic safety programs, intersection improvements, public safety programs, and traffic enforcement, including the Safe Light Sugar Land initiative.

If the owner of a vehicle is not driving the vehicle when the red light violation occurs, the owner may may transfer liability to another operator through a sworn affidavit, which will include the name, address, and contact information of the actual driver of the motor vehicle at the time of the violation.

Appeal Process

The owner of a motor vehicle may contest the imposition of the civil penalty by filing a written request for an administrative adjudication hearing within 30 days from the date the notice of violation was mailed. The administrative adjudication hearing will be held within 30 days of the date the hearing was requested. The City Council will appoint an administrative adjudication hearing officer or officers to preside over the administrative adjudication hearing. The hearing officers have the authority to administer oaths and issue orders compelling the attendance of witnesses and the production of documents.

Successful defenses to a red light violation include:
  • Equipment failures
  • Acting at the direction of peace officer
  • Authorize emergency vehicle
  • Stolen vehicle / plate
  • Vehicle sold

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