You Leave It, They Thieve It

More than 500 vehicles are burglarized in the city every year, leaving victims with shattered windows and the loss of personal belongings. Sugar Land police work diligently to prevent car burglars; however, the best way to avoid this crime is to remove valuables from vehicles. Regardless of whether you’re out shopping, working out or simply parking your vehicle overnight, if you leave it, they'll thieve it.

More About the Campaign

You Leave It, They Thieve It is a campaign by the Sugar Land Police Department Crime Prevention team to remind citizens not to leave valuables in vehicles. The bad guys will sit in a parking lot, wait for an unsuspecting victim and strike when items are left in the car. Items routinely left in plain view include:
  • Attache cases
  • Backpacks
  • Briefcases
  • Expensive electronics
  • Laptop computers
  • Purses
  • Wallets

Safety Tips

  • Carry the items with you
  • Leave any unnecessary items at home
  • Prior to leaving home, hide valuables in the trunk or glove box
  • Arrange shopping trips so that expensive items, such as electronics, are purchased last, allowing you to go directly home
  • Secure your vehicle by locking the doors and closing the windows

Be aware that bad guys are watching. When valuables are left in plain sight, criminals walk by your car and see them. The window is shattered, and the valuables are stolen. A “smash and grab” takes less than 10 seconds. Credit cards and any form of identification may be used by the criminals. This leaves you defending your good name and picking up the pieces. Protect yourself, and remember: you leave it, they thieve it.