How is drainage being handled?

Any proposed development within the city undergoes a thorough drainage and traffic study. Drainage was analyzed as part of the staff review for this proposed development. Based on the current design, there will be full detention required for this site. There will be no impact to the existing system, nor the existing detention pond at the northeast corner of US Highway 59 and US 90A. All additional runoff will be contained within the site and released slowly back into the storm system.

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1. Is this a city-led project?
2. Where is this zoning application in the process?
3. How many units are being proposed?
4. What is a Regional Activity Center?
5. How is multi-family permitted here?
6. What type of non-residential or commercial uses will be permitted here?
7. What did the school impact analysis say?
8. How is parking being addressed?
9. How is drainage being handled?
10. Will there be any impact to traffic?
11. How are the multi-family units being proposed different from a traditional apartment complex?
12. How would this development impact the overall ratio of multi-family as outline in the Land Use Plan?
13. Has the City ever received a proposal for multi-family along Sugar Creek Center Blvd?
14. What is a Planned Development (PD) District?
15. What is the current zoning designation for this property?
16. Does this project proposal align with the Land Use Plan guidance?