Will there be any impact to traffic?

New development proposals require a full Traffic Impact Analysis (TIA) be completed. The purpose of the Traffic Impact Analysis is to assist staff in identifying the effect of the proposed development on the City's transportation system including capacity, level of services, and safety.

A full TIA was submitted for this proposed development and the scope of the TIA study concentrated on the critical areas immediately impacted by traffic that is being anticipated from the proposed development. The applicant’s traffic consultant evaluated the study area as developed during the TIA scoping meeting with city traffic and engineering staff. City traffic and engineering staff completed their review of the TIA and have concurred with the findings, specifically noting that the Sugar Creek neighborhood south of US 59 is not expected to be significantly impacted by this proposed development.

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1. Is this a city-led project?
2. Where is this zoning application in the process?
3. How many units are being proposed?
4. What is a Regional Activity Center?
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6. What type of non-residential or commercial uses will be permitted here?
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10. Will there be any impact to traffic?
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16. Does this project proposal align with the Land Use Plan guidance?