What is the difference in the terms Drone, UAS, and UAV?

A UAV is an unmanned aerial vehicle and differs from an unmanned aerial/aircraft system (UAS) in one major way: a UAV is referring to the aircraft itself, not the ground control and communications units.

The word drone is the most popular synonym for an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) or unmanned aerial/aircraft system (UAS).  UAV and UAS are terms that originated with the military and now, because of all the public access to these types of aircraft platforms, the term “UAS” has emerged as a replacement for "UAV” and “drone”.

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1. What is a drone or UAS?
2. What is the difference in the terms Drone, UAS, and UAV?
3. What type of missions does the UAS program fly?
4. How is my privacy protected?
5. Where is the video and photos taken by the UAS stored?
6. Who has access to the video and photos?
7. What training do UAS pilots undergo?
8. What rules and regulations must Sugar Land Police UAS pilots follow?
9. Why does Sugar Land Police Department use UAS rather than helicopters?
10. Who authorizes the use and deployment of the UAS?
11. What type of drones does the Police Department have?