Why did the FAA only identify 150 trees when you are removing 584?

The FAA originally identified 150 trees and provided an exhibit of their approximate locations; however, they were using data from a limited ground survey. The Airport conducted a thorough aerial and ground survey to verify and locate each tree and obtain tree information to create a scope of work for a project and set a budget. The survey results revealed far more trees in the same area the FAA identified. After exploring further, it was determined that for each “tree” the FAA identified, there were actually 3-4 trees. This was due to the limited survey and dense Park. We now call the 150 trees “Points of Obstruction.” If you compare the exhibit the FAA provided to the project scope of work, the identical areas the FAA identified as obstructions are the same areas we are removing. The Airport is not unnecessarily removing 434 trees. 

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1. Why are the trees being removed?
2. What is the danger?
3. How many trees will be removed?
4. Why are the trees only now determined to be dangerous?
5. How did you determine how many trees must be removed?
6. Why not just prune the trees?
7. Will this tree removal project be funded by taxpayers?
8. What about the birds and animals you are displacing?
9. Why don’t you relocate the trees?
10. What will happen to the 6.7 acres after it’s cleared?
11. Is this tree removal project part of the other work going on at the park?
12. Who have you been working with on this tree removal project?
13. Will removing obstructions be a continuous project?
14. Why not just close the Runway instead?
15. When did the FAA contact the Airport?
16. Why did the FAA only identify 150 trees when you are removing 584?