Who is eligible for these programs?

All single-family residences located within the Sugar Land city limits are eligible for participation in the program. Any occupancy and ownership qualify (the property may be owner-occupied, tenant-occupied, or vacant). Property taxes must be current, and the property must be covered by a valid and current homeowner’s insurance policy. Townhomes, multi-family buildings, and condominiums are not eligible, and participation in the programs requires a completed application that the City must approve. 

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1. What is the Great Homes program?
2. What is the difference between the Great Homes Design Program and the Great Homes Update program?
3. Who is eligible for these programs?
4. How is the City paying for this?
5. I own two or more homes in Sugar Land. Am I still eligible for this program?
6. If I participate in this program, will my home renovations look the same as others who participate?
7. Why is Great Homes under Economic Development?