What has been completed to date?

PUMA has purchase agreements for approximately 40 acres of land in and around the former Imperial Sugar site, including the Char House.  PUMA does not yet own the property.  To date, the City Council has approved the following: 

  • A $5 million reimbursement agreement for pre-development and construction costs associated with the redevelopment of the Char House 
  • A lease agreement for future office space in the Char House.  As a creditworthy tenant, this lease agreement will help PUMA secure other financing for the Char House redevelopment. 
  • Amendment to the Land Use Plan to increase # of multi-family units to 1,200 in the 201-acre Imperial Regional Activity Center. 
  • Approved General Development Plan – a general land use plan including preservation of historic buildings, and a list of proposed land uses, including 660 multi-family.

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1. What is the project?
2. What has been completed to date?
3. Is this a city-led project? Why has the City provided financial support?
4. Why is this redevelopment happening now?
5. How has the public been engaged in this process?
6. What are the next steps?
7. Why was an amendment to the Land Use Plan necessary for this project? Does this mean it can change at any time?
8. What did City Council's vote on an amendment to the Land Use Plan and General Development plan mean?
9. Can the Char House be preserved without the other parts of the proposed project being developed?
10. What’s to keep PUMA from buying the land, building apartments and then backing out of the Char House deal?
11. Why are apartments needed?
12. Who will be leasing the new proposed, multi-family units?
13. I don’t want apartments in Sugar Land. What other types of housing will be allowed with this redevelopment plan?
14. Will any of the apartments in the Imperial development be Section 8 housing?
15. Will crime increase due to the addition of apartments in the area?
16. How will new apartments impact our schools?
17. What is a traffic study used for?
18. How will development of this project impact traffic in the area?
19. Will this project impact drainage in the area?
20. How will the Children’s Discovery Center & Sugar Land Heritage Museum be impacted by this redevelopment?
21. Where are we in the process of getting historic tax credit for the site?