What is a Comprehensive Plan?

A comprehensive plan documents a City’s broad vision and roadmap. A comprehensive plan is comprised of base information, vision and goal statements, and a set of master plans that outline objectives and strategies for land use, transportation, infrastructure and public facilities, including possible future capital improvements, development regulations, or major policies. The Parks, Recreation and Open Space Master Plan (The Plan) must help achieve the goals from the Comprehensive Plan so that the City’s resources and efforts are aligned to achieve the same vision and goals. The specific goals from the Comprehensive Plan PROSMP aims to achieve are:

  1. Beautiful Community;
  2. Environmentally Responsible Community;
  3. Destination Activity Centers;
  4. Great Neighborhoods;
  5. Outstanding Cultural Arts, Educational and Recreational Opportunities.

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1. What is the Parks, Recreation, and Open Space Master Plan and Why is the plan being updated?
2. What is a Comprehensive Plan?
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5. Can I find the survey results and Online Town Hall summaries on the City’s website?
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9. How were the projects prioritized in Chapter 6? Who made the decision?
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11. Does the Master Plan consider wildlife protection and nature preservation?
12. Do the budget cuts in the City’s Fiscal Year 2018 budget have an effect on the Plan implementation?