If we keep neutering all these animals, where do the new ones keep coming from?

The Texas Health and Safety Code, Chapter 828, requires all public or private animal control agencies, shelters or humane organizations to have their animals sterilized. However, this law does not apply to rescues, breeders or individuals. Irresponsible pet ownership is a contributing factor as to why we continue to see intakes at our shelter. We also receive numerous owned animals that are lost and injured and need shelter and protection until their owners can be contacted, and they can be returned. In addition, our Animal Services Officers respond to animal cruelty cases that often require animals to be removed from properties around Sugar Land. The shelter also holds animals under domestic violence restraining orders; for citizens who pass away in their homes; and when there are arrests and vehicle accidents where animals are involved.  

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1. How many animals are adopted at the Sugar Land Animal Shelter each year?
2. If we keep neutering all these animals, where do the new ones keep coming from?
3. Why does a new animal shelter cost $6.6 million?
4. Why is a new animal shelter on the ballot?
5. What types of research and studies were done prior to the animal shelter bond proposition being developed?
6. Is a new animal shelter being proposed because the 2017 annexation of New Territory and Greatwood caused the animal shelter to exceed its capacity?
7. Did annexation impact service levels and create new needs?
8. How was the design for the proposed animal shelter determined?
9. I thought the new animal shelter was going to cost closer to 9M. Why isn’t that amount reflected in the bond proposition?