How will new multi-family impact our schools?

According to Fort Bend ISD, single-family houses generate more students for the school district than multi-family at a rate of 0.51 vs. 0.35 students per household. Data from Population and Survey Analysts (PASA), who is the demographer for Fort Bend ISD, states that newly built, market-rate multi-family properties typically have fewer students since rental rates are generally higher. Student to housing unit ratios is typically affected by several factors, including number of bedrooms per unit, age and class rating of the property, building style, campus attendance boundary, and rental price. A recent School Impact Analysis performed for a previous multi-family project showed that for a development largely consisting of studio and one-bedroom units, the ratio of students per occupied unit was far below the district average. A school impact study will be conducted as part of due diligence required for this project. 

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1. So, if the mixed-use code is no longer moving forward -- what tool are you using to redevelop lake pointe? 
2. Is the entire Lake Pointe RAC anticipated to be rezoned, or just Lake Pointe Plaza?
3. Why is multi-family needed for the project to be successful?
4. Why are you moving forward with a Land Use Plan Amendment in Lake Pointe when there is no official submittal to redevelop Lake Pointe Plaza at this time?
5. You mention that a Land Use Plan Amendment is necessary to redevelop Lake Pointe Plaza – what does that Land Use Plan Amendment entail?
6. What is the timeline for preparing Lake Pointe Plaza for redevelopment?
7. Why is this project being brought forward without completed impact studies (I.e. traffic, school, etc.) ?
8. What is a traffic study used for? 
9. How will new multi-family impact our schools?