What does no new services and no new people mean?

With 97% of residents believing that Sugar Land is a great place to live in the latest citizen satisfaction survey, we know that it is important to you that we work hard each day to provide you with important, quality services.  And with our City’s business-focused company town heritage still existing today, we also know it is important to you that we do that as efficiently as possible.  That is why our outstanding workforce of 804.5 dedicated employees represents just 6.8 employees per 1,000 residents, which is significantly less than our peer cities’ average of over 8 per 1,000.

The budgetary reductions made in FY18 included the elimination of 3 full-time (vacant) positions, leaving 804.5 full time equivalent (FTE) positions to provide services.  The City will recruit and hire the best employees for positions that become vacant during the year due to normal turnover & retirements, there are no increases proposed to the total FTE headcount for FY19.

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1. What percentage increase is the budget for FY19 compared to FY18?
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3. What does no new services and no new people mean?
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