How is the annexed area paying for their fair share of services?

Have you ever wondered if the recent annexation of Greatwood and New Territory impacted the City’s budget?  The answer is it makes it stronger!

The annexation, which added approximately 30,000 new residents to the City along, is among the largest and most successful in state history.  The City built its annexation planning around three guiding principles: (1) providing the same level of service to the newly annexed areas, (2) ensuring there was no decrease in existing services as a result of annexation, and (3) a commitment that the annexed areas would generate sufficient revenues to pay for their services so that existing taxpayers do not experience any increased costs because of the annexation.

Primarily the result of nearly ten years’ worth of collecting various out-of-city surcharges for services from the annexed residents – which provided over $10M in funding for preparations, the annexation has been a tremendous success.  The City has met all of its commitments to both the annexed areas and existing residents – including the commitment existing resident would not experience any increased costs, and the annexed districts have now been fully integrated into the City’s budget.  Property owners in these areas will pay 2018 City taxes to fully fund services provided and pay debt service payments; the significant positive financial benefits are providing additional capacity for capital projects.  In the FY19 budget there is no longer an "Annexation Budget" as any remaining balances in the annexation funds at the end of FY18 will be transferred to support repayment of debt that the City assumed upon dissolution of the districts.

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