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1. What is the census?
2. Why should I complete the census?
3. How do I complete the census?
4. What will happen if I do not complete the census?
5. How long will it take me to complete the census?
6. Does the City have a completion goal percentage for the census?
7. What effects would the under counting of residents have on the city?
8. What impact does the census have on my community?
9. Should I be worried about privacy if I take the census?
10. How will the information I provide be used?
11. What if I am not a citizen?
12. Who can see my information?
13. Is the census this anonymous?
14. How and when can I get access to the census data once the census is complete?
15. What if I have multiple properties?
16. Who needs to be counted?
17. I have a student in college or boarding school, where should they be counted?
18. If my child who is a student in college or boarding school has come home due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, where should they be counted?
19. Do my children, stepchildren or other dependents need to be counted?
20. What is the Complete Count Committee (CCC)?
21. What challenges face the Complete Count Committee in getting an accurate count?
22. How can I help with the census effort and where can I learn more?
23. How will the U.S. Census Bureau contact me and how should I respond?