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1. Where will this project be located?
2. How was this project identified as a priority?
3. What will the project look like?
4. How will the City fund this project?
5. Will residential property tax dollars be used to support this project?
6. Does the City’s pursuit of this project mean it is no longer focused on the redevelopment of the Imperial Sugar refinery site or the Central Unit Prison?
7. Will the private sector partner be required to provide a financial contribution?
8. Who is envisioned to use this facility?
9. How will drainage function on the overall site? Will Ditch H be able to handle the run-off?
10. What other public-private partnership projects has the City developed?
11. What principles guide the City in the selection of partners for these types of projects?
12. How will this project impact the local hotel market?
13. Why is all communication being routed through the City’s Purchasing Office?