Parks, Recreation and Open Space Master Plan Update (PROSMP)

The Vision

"By the year 2028, the City of Sugar Land’s park and recreation system will be known as the premier resource in the region. It will be comprised of high quality active and passive parks, trails, historical and cultural sites, and open spaces. Development of park and recreation related destination activity centers will enhance and diversify the types of facilities and amenities available for residents and visitors of all ages. This supports overall City economic development efforts while creating opportunities for pursuing physical fitness, healthy lifestyles, and social connectedness.

Sugar Land envisions achieving this by creating a connected system of larger, more diversified community and regional serving amenities which will be maintained to a consistently high quality and set the bar for recreational resources in the region.”

The City Council adopted the plan on February 20, 2018.

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2018 Parks, Recreation & Open Space Master Plan Cover
PROS Master Plan - Cover of Chapter 1

Chapter 1 - Planning for the Future

The Plan recognizes the benefits of parks and recreation; identifies local, regional, and national trends; and reviews the City’s previous planning efforts for key successes, current status, and guidance towards the development of further recommendations for the City.

PROS Master Plan - Cover of Chapter 2

Chapter 2 - Understanding the Community

Analyzes the community in terms of its history; regional context; demographics; and past, present, and projected population growth to understand the current state of Sugar Land and its residents. Summarizes and analyzes public input gathered throughout this planning process to determine the wants and needs of the community.

PROS Master Plan - Cover of Chapter 3

Chapter 3 - The System Today

Analyzes the City’s existing parks and recreation system and programs/events, including the levels and types of use; facility and site conditions; accessibility by drivers, pedestrians, and bicyclists; and the system’s community context and surrounding uses.

PROS Master Plan - Cover of Chapter 4

Chapter 4 - System Needs

Analyzes the City’s existing parks and recreation system using a three-tiered analytical process to identify system deficiencies, needs, and opportunities.

PROS Master Plan - Cover of Chapter 5

Chapter 5 - Recommendations for Tomorrow

Captures the future vision of the City as identified by the Sugar Land community. Provides a detailed set of action recommendations, tied to the City’s Comprehensive Plan goals, which provide the blueprint for how the City can realistically achieve the envisioned future.

PROS Master Plan - Cover of Chapter 6

Chapter 6 - Moving Forward

Prioritizes the action recommendations into an Implementation Action Plan that details the near-, mid-, and long-term path for moving forward. Though it determines the City’s top priorities today, it also provides direction towards reaching its longer-term priorities.

PROS Master Plan - Cover Appendix A

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