Development Code

What is the Development Code?

The Development Code is the official document that ensures safe, orderly, and efficient development throughout the City in accordance with the Comprehensive Plan by providing for the public health, safety and general welfare of citizens. The Development Code was adopted in 1997 and provides the basis for the review of projects submitted by a property owner wanting to alter or develop property within the City of Sugar Land. Components of the Development Code include zoning, sign, subdivision, building, airport zoning, and flood damage reduction regulations.

The Development Code is available online.

Did You Know?


The adoption and update of the Development Code involved an extensive public process, including public hearings at both, the Planning & Zoning Commission and City Council.

This ensures that it is consistent with the city's Comprehensive Plan and reflects community values.

Illustration - Dev Code Update

The Development Code ensures businesses locate in a proper place – in a commercial zoning district – and not in the middle of your neighborhood. This helps protects home values and quality of life.

Illustration - Development Code Update

The Development Code includes more than just zoning! It also guides development by specifying requirements for landscaping, site lighting, subdivision design, signs, building construction and drainage.

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