What does the status of my permit application mean?

Submitted-Online: The application case has been created but has no yet been processed by city staff.

In Review: The application case has been routed for review by City Staff. The application will remain in this status until all reviews and administrative processing have been completed. Refer to the “Reviews” tab within the permit for the anticipated review completion date. If any of the reviews indicate “Requires Resubmit”, comments will be released and the email address(es) on the case will be notified, once all reviews are completed.

Fees Due: The case has an invoiced fee that must be paid in order to move the process forward

Fees Paid: The case has a paid invoice and this status notifies city staff that an action needs to be taken on the record

Required for Resubmittal: The application review has been completed and corrections are required. Whenever a permit is changed to this status, an email is sent to the email address on file, and the marked up document is added to the case under the “Attachments” tab within the case in the CSS portal

Approved, Pending Payment of Permit Fees: The application has been approved and waiting on final permit fees for issuance. After you’ve made the payment, you will be able to apply for trade permits and schedule inspections.

Issued: The permit has been issued and electronic files and final approved plans are available under the “attachments” tab within the permit case in the CSS Portal. 

On Hold: City staff has placed a hold on the permit process

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