What does the training program for a public safety dispatch position consist of?
The new recruit training program at the Sugar Land Public Safety Dispatch Center was developed to model the best practices set forth by the Association of Public-Safety Communications Officials. The 5-phase training program consists of four to six months of a combination of classroom and hands-on training on the dispatch floor. The Recruit must show proficiency in each phase of training in order to be retained as a Certified Public Safety Dispatcher.

Training Phases

  • Phase One consists of classroom training where the dispatch recruit learns the basic operations of our dispatch center, our Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) computers, and standards of operation.
  • In Phase Two the recruit learns the basics of call taking, including taking 9-1-1 emergency calls, as well as other miscellaneous duties that the Public Safety Dispatchers perform on a daily basis.
  • Once the Recruit demonstrates full understanding of Phase Two, they will be moved to Phase Three where they will train on fire radio operations, along with continuing to practice their call taking skills.
  • Once the recruit demonstrates proficiency at fire radio operations, he or she will be moved to Phase Four to train on police operations radio.
  • When the recruit can fully demonstrate the ability to perform on all three console positions, he or she will be moved to Phase Five where they will be observed operating independently in each of the three capacities for a two week period without assistance from a trainer. However, a trainer will be observing the recruit and assessing his or her performance to ensure proficiency in operations.

In addition to successful completion of Sugar Land’s Public Safety Dispatch training program, recruits will attend a 40-hour Basic Telecommunications Course and a Crisis Communications course, following the curriculum developed by the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement Officer Standards and Education. At the completion of this training and one year of service as a Public Safety Dispatcher, they will be certified as a Basic Telecommunicator by the State of Texas.

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