When did the city acquire the cemetery?

The cemetery was dedicated to the City by LID 17 during October of 2006.  Sugar Land City Council approved Resolution No. 12-02 on Feb. 7, 2012.  The resolution authorized the purchase of 63.331 acres of land for park purposes and the purchase of 11.426 acres of land for airport purposes from NNP-TELFAIR, LP per the 2003 Development Agreement.

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1. When did the city acquire the cemetery?
2. Why did the city acquire the cemetery?
3. How has the city protected the cemetery?
4. Has the city worked with local groups to honor the cemetery’s history?
5. Has an archeological survey been performed?
6. Have other surveys been performed?
7. Will future surveys be performed?
8. What is the status of parkland development on city-owned property surrounding the cemetery?
9. How has Sugar Land worked to preserve prison-related history?
10. Is the city working to develop a museum?