Public Involvement & Education

A commitment to public involvement and education efforts were at the center of the Land Use Plan Update. As the process progressed, a variety of activities took place to empower the public to have a voice in Sugar Land's future. Below is a description of each effort undertaken to educate and involve the public. To learn more, read about it in the Land Use Plan.

Land Use Advisory Committee

The Land Use Advisory Committee (LUAC) was a committee appointed by City Council and made up of residents of Sugar Land and its extraterritorial jurisdiction (ETJ). LUAC members diligently worked for over five years to develop policies that will guide future land use decisions. Their tasks included:

  • Investigate and consider a variety of issues that influence land use outcomes
  • participate in community dialogue and education
  • develop policy recommendations
  • advocate for the Land Use Plan

Land Use Advisory Committee

Land Use Forum

Over 200 community members attended and participated in the Land Use Forum from January to April of 2014. Open to the public, this speaker and community discussion series on land use focused on important topics for the near and long-term future of Sugar Land.

Sugar Land residents had the opportunity to hear presentations on land use topics, participate in round-table discussions, and provide input. The Land Use Forum explored topics such as the impact of changing demographics on market trends, the role of housing choices in a community, and the benefits of mixed-use activity centers, the link between mobility and land use, and how a city can remain vibrant through redevelopment.


Public Meetings & Online Town Halls

Another way the public was able to provide feedback on the Land Use Plan was through public meetings and online town halls. In all, there were two open house-style meetings and three online town halls to receive input from the general public.

Residents discussing at Public Meeting