Animal Shelter Facility

The current Animal Shelter was constructed in 2008 with funds from surplus sales tax. As the City’s first indoor shelter, it was designed to be cost effective and meet the needs of a growing city. However, in the 2015 Facilities Master Plan Update, it was determined that the needs of the City exceeded the capacity of the shelter, and the space was insufficient to accommodate expected growth from annexation.

Expansion Study

In 2016, the City worked with a consultant to conduct an expansion study, developing a needs assessment, facility expansion options, and interim improvements for annexation. As a result of this study, the city selected the empty site next to the current Court and Police Department Building for construction of a new shelter.

Animal Shelter Building

Planning for Needs vs. Wants

In April 2017, the City partnered with Animal Arts to confirm the size, scope, scale, approximate budget, and site layout of the new animal shelter. The process will focus on needs versus wants and provide cost options to aid the City in identifying budget needs and funding options. The city’s expanded facilities are expected to meet the city’s needs through 2030 according to a study conducted in 2016. The city has started looking at an expansion project, which could include a new facility located on State Highway 6 next to the city’s current Police Department. Because of the size and scope of the project, the Animal Advisory Board was expanded by six members to bring the total to 11 members. The board members represent the community as it relates to the needs and wants of the shelter.

Current Accommodations and Resources

As part of the Animal Shelter Expansion project, an existing building from Mayfield Park was relocated to the Animal Shelter. The building was renovated and is now Whiskerville, a 2,400 sq. foot Animal Services building to house cats and kittens. The existing 4,300 sq. foot Animal Services building has been renamed Barksburg and is home to dogs and puppies. 

The expansion of Sugar Land Animal Services has increased the overall capacity to 56 cats and 31 dogs.

Animal Shelter Volunteers