Making Funeral Arrangements

The following items will assist you in making funeral arrangements. If some items are not available, your Funeral Director may be able to help you in obtaining them.

  • Social Security Number—Your Funeral Director will explain available benefits. You will need the Social Security number of the deceased to assist you in making a claim.
  • Veteran's Benefits—In order to apply for these benefits, you will need Veteran's Administration identification, such as discharge papers, military service number, or identification card.
  • Vital Records—An important part of the arrangement process is recording vital personal data that will form the official death record. Listed below are some commonly helpful items:
    • Deceased's place of birth
    • Deceased's date of birth
    • Mother's given and maiden name and place of birth
    • Father's name and place of birth
  • Insurance Policies—If the deceased person made pre-arrangements, purchased one or more burial policies, and/or had life insurance policies, you should take them to the meeting with the Funeral Director.
  • Newspaper Notices—The Funeral Director should notify local papers as well as papers in other cities. It may be helpful to list the survivors on a piece of paper. A list of clubs, organizations, church memberships, etc., will be helpful. Be aware that most newspapers charge for printing photos and obituaries.
  • Clothing—Families often ask about clothing. It is the policy of most funeral homes to dress all bodies, including undergarments completely. The type of clothing is usually optional and often reflects the individual's taste. There may also be a charge for a hairdresser.
  • Photograph—A photograph of the deceased can be of help to the Funeral Director. The same photo may be used for the obituary. Family snapshots may also be used for a video slideshow.

Choosing a funeral home


Many families prefer to use a funeral home they are familiar with.  Perhaps you have visited a funeral home and felt comfortable with the surroundings or staff. 


Is it important that the funeral home is close to your home or other family members?


Federal law requires that all price information concerning funeral goods and services be available by phone. You may obtain price information in written form upon request.