Grease Trap Inspections

Inspection Program

Commercial & Industrial Customers

The purpose of this program is to provide assurance that grease traps are maintained so that grease, oil, grit, and lint discharged by facilities are removed prior to entry into the public wastewater system. Over time excessive fats, oils, grease, and particulate can create stoppages in the collection system leading to sanitary sewer overflows (SSOs), increase potential for odor problems in the collection system, or pass through at the wastewater treatment plants. 

It becomes a significant public health issue when the sewer overflows or the wastewater plant cannot treat wastewater effectively. Dischargers include food service establishments, industries, auto repair shops, commercial laundries, car washes, schools, and hotels.


Routine inspections help to minimize negative impacts. The number of inspections at each establishment per year is based on the type of business and compliance history and is subject to change. Inspection frequencies currently list range from one to four times per year with possible re-inspections if the grease trap does not pass on a routine inspections.


Fees are charged for this program per City of Sugar Land Municipal Code on the water bill. 
  • Initial Inspection: $50 
  • Re-inspection: additional $50 


If an establishment does not maintain a grease trap the responsible party may be charged for additional follow up inspections, subject to increased inspection frequency, fined, or in extreme cases water service may be discontinued until the establishment returns to compliant status.


The City of Sugar Land prohibits the use of any chemical or biological additives to grease traps and plumbing lines feeding grease traps. 

Sugar Land City Codes which establish the fees and requirements for commercial grease traps:
  • Chapter 5, Article 8, Division 3, Rates and Charges, Sec. 5-250 Schedule of Service 
  • Chapter 5 Article 8, Division 10, Sewer Service Lines and Sewer Connections, Sec. 5-341 Sewer service lines and sewer connections (e) Grease and lint traps 

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