Can I bring a guest to the Senior Center?

T.E. Harman Center membership allows members to bring a guest three times per year.

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2. When am I eligible to register for classes and activities at the Senior Center?
3. I have registered once for a class, do I have to register each month?
4. I can’t make it for my registration date, how do I register for classes?
5. Are citizens under the age of 50 allowed to participate in T.E. Harman Center activities?
6. Can I bring a guest to the Senior Center?
7. I am not a member of the T.E. Harman Center, but I would like to attend some of your trips. Is this possible?
8. Can I get a Senior Center membership for just a couple of weeks?
9. Do I have to register for all activities I would like to participate in or only the exercise classes?