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Farmer's Market Application

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  2. Farmer's Market at Imperial Park Vendor Application
  3. Market Dates - Every Saturday (except July 4, December 24, 25, 31 or January 1) from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.
  4. May we advertise/list your business on social and web platforms
  5. Example: All Saturdays, first and third Saturday, second and fourth Saturday, all Saturdays in the months of May thru October, etc. Or enter specific dates. 

  6. Market Instructions:

    1. Stalls are 12 X 12 foot spaces and are $25 per stall, per market day.

    2. This form must be signed and returned before vending privileges can be considered. Vendors will be reviewed and must receive written approval before attending the market. Not all vendors will be approved. 

    3. Vendors must pay the Wednesday prior to market attendance with cash, check or credit card.  

    4. Vendors applying in our most popular categories will be subject to more stringent selection criteria to ensure the highest standard of vendors at the market.

    5. If you sell a physical product such as clothing or jewelry you must make the products you sell. 

    6. Selling products featuring logos, characters, designs, or images that are copyrighted or that you do not have express permission to use commercially (unless you can prove fair use or you can show that you have the proper commercial licensing) is not allowed.

    6. Enclose proof of manufacturing licenses, and certified kitchens with temporary food permit application. If using a certified kitchen other than your own, you must provide an authorizing letter from such kitchen.

    7. Vendors shall provide copies of all applicable licenses and permits including sales tax id's if applicable to your product

    8. Any vendor selling a consumable food product MUST complete a Temporary Food Permit Application for the City of Sugar Land. If you already have one for the market please submit the form.

  7. Please submit any necessary files. 

  8. Please submit any necessary files. 

  9. Please submit any necessary files.

  10. Please submit any necessary files. 

  11. Agreement to Hold Harmless
  12. Description

    Name of Program: Farmer's Market at Imperial Park
    Date(s) of Participation: Saturdays starting November 1, 2023 at the earliest. 
    Location of Program: 234 Matlage Way, Sugar Land TX

  13. Hold Harmless

    When doing work for the CITY OF SUGAR LAND, the undersigned acknowledges by his/her signature that they understand there is no insurance coverage of any kind, nor any other protections afforded to him/her by the CITY OF SUGAR LAND. The undersigned agrees to hold harmless the CITY OF SUGAR LAND, its officers and employees from any liability arising out of their work, and that any injury or resulting in property damage will be the responsibility of the undersigned. The undersigned therefore agrees that any injuries or otherwise losses that are not directly attributable to the negligence of the CITY OF SUGAR LAND, would need to be addressed through his/her own insurance coverage. 

  14. I, the undersigned, have read, understand and agree to abide by The Farmers Market at Imperial Park rules and agree to Hold Harmless the City of Sugar Land per the terms above
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