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The City Secretary Department records, certifies, preserves, manages, and makes accessible sufficient information in compliance with any applicable laws and regulations to ensure continuity in government. 

In our mission to support the City of Sugar Land’s governmental process, the City Secretary Department is committed to providing responsible and timely public access to municipal records, ensuring the integrity of the election process, and acting as a bridge between the city organization and its residents all while maintaining a dedication to efficiency and transparency.

As part of this commitment, we facilitate the following responsibilities:

City Council

  • The City Secretary's Office assists the City Council when necessary to ensure the fulfillment of duties and responsibilities
  • The City Secretary's Office makes available meeting agendas and notices for the public with consideration for the Open Meetings Act
  • The City Secretary attends City Council meetings, records accurate minutes of proceedings, and moderates the City Council agenda process


  • The City Secretary's Office oversees the board, commission, and committee appointment process, including receiving and reviewing applications to ensure service qualifications are met

Code of Ordinances

  • The City Secretary's Office ensures sufficient public access to city ordinances for all interested parties

Records Management

  • The City Secretary's Office safeguards and displays a variety of city records, including the Sugar Land Charter

Public Information

  • The City Secretary's Office facilitates and protects public access to municipal records
  • The City Secretary's Office processes requests for city records in line with the Texas Public Information Act
  • If you wish to submit a public information request, please use the link below:


  • The City Secretary's Office enhances public participation in Municipal Government processes
  • The City Secretary's Office processes and acts as the primary filing location for Campaign Finance Reports

Contact Us

Phone: (281) 275-2730
Fax: (281) 275-2293

2700 Town Center Blvd. N.
Sugar Land, TX 77479


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Open Records Request
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Proclamation Request
Request a recognition for citizens, non-profit organizations, to honor occasions of importance and significance, and to increase public awareness on issues that improve the well being of the citizens of the city. Requests must be submitted fourteen (14) business days prior to the date needed.