Community Service

Community Service, when approved by the Judge, can be performed in lieu of payment.  Approval for community service must be requested prior to performing the service. Community service should be performed at one of the Approved Community Service Agencies. There are two sets of listings for approved agencies. Approved Community Service Agencies for Adults and Approved Community Service Agencies for Juveniles. 

Community service must be performed at non-profit organizations. Should you need to perform your community service with a non-profit agency that is not listed on one of the approved listings, you must get prior approval to use an alternate agency. This can be done by completing the Request For Alternative Community Service Location Form. You must wait to receive approval before performing your community service at an alternate location.

Need More Time To Complete Your Community Service?

Community service is authorized to be completed by a specified date. Should you need an extension of time, you must request it. This can be done on the Request for Extension To Complete Community Service Form. On the form, you must indicate the agency you are working with, the name of the contact for that agency, and the agency phone number.