Integrated Stormwater Management Model (ISWMM)

Real-Time Ponding Monitoring and Notifications.

During rainfall events, it is possible for some areas of the city to experience different levels of ponding. Ponding is the unwanted accumulation of water typically in flat areas and/or roadways.

In keeping with the city's commitment to innovative technology, the Integrated Stormwater Management Model (ISWMM) map aims to serve as an informational tool that provides real-time city ponding levels during rainfall events.

Disclaimer: Use of the Integrated Stormwater Management Model (ISWMM)

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What are the benefits of ISWMM?

The ISWMM system is connected to 28 rain/stream gauges across the city that report real time information. The information is then used to create real time ponding maps that include street ponding depths. Among its many benefits are:

  • Public web-based access to real-time ponding information across the city
  • Ability to send notifications about intensifying street ponding, flooding, and potential street closures
  • Assist in the planning of evacuation routes if needed
  • Helps coordinate Hazard Mitigation Plans with area agencies and Levee Improvement Districts
  • Helps evaluate drainage infrastructure to better target potential improvements

Innovation that keeps us safe

Watch as Senior Engineer Manager, Jorge Alba, provides an overview of ISWMM and why it's such an innovative tool that helps keep our community safe.

How to use the Ponding Monitoring Map

Check out our quick reference guide or watch the videos below.

  • How to access the ISWMM map tool
  • Rain gauges and their respective monitoring boundaries
  • Accessing current data for each rain gauge for a particular location 
  • Meaning of rain gauge color and symbols
  • Accessing the rain gauge symbology panel
  • Example of ponding display and meaning during rain events
  • Accessing ponding information for any particular location in the city
  • Additional map tools
    • Measurements
    • Drawing areas within the map
    • Printing capabilities
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