Strategic Outcomes

Finance:  Strong & Viable

Sugar Land is recognized as a leader in financial management, providing our taxpayers with exceptional value, confidence, and transparency.  Our focus is on:

  • Resiliency and adaptability
  • Innovation
  • Efficiency
  • Superior bond rating

Community:  Safe & Secure

Sugar Land is a safe community that enhances the quality of life for residents and visitors by:

  • Being ranked as the safest city in the nation
  • Leveraging the latest innovative technology to address criminal activity
  • Ensuring proper training and equipment to effectively respond to emergency events
  • Providing world-class fire and EMS response
  • Securing municipal facilities and IT infrastructure

Economy:  Thriving & Vibrant

Sugar Land is focused on re-invigorating this entrepreneurial spirit to keep us moving forward.  We recognize that the future starts now and are committed to engaging the community to re-imagine our city, by:

  • Attracting and incubating the growth of new innovators and entrepreneurs
  • Assisting businesses in creating partnerships that support growth and redevelopment
  • Proactively partnering with stakeholders to foster a spirit of civic philanthropy and an ecosystem of learning, mentoring, and giving back

Culture:  Dynamic & Fun

Sugar Land delivers a broad range of destination venues, facilities, and businesses that offer entertainment and activities for residents and visitors, including:

  • Performance venues
  • Youth and adult sports and recreation
  • Unique retail, restaurant, and hospitality environments
  • Events and outdoor celebrations

Government:  Respected & Influential

Sugar Land is respected for having strong relationships with our community and at all levels of government because we:

  • Have a bold vision and transparent governance
  • Deliver on our commitment to the public
  • Consistently focus on people over politics
  • Demonstrate innovative leadership in local government best practices

Transportation:  Connected & Convenient

Sugar Land takes a multifaceted approach by innovating mobility to connect people, places, and the future through:

  • Sustained investment in mobility infrastructure with multiple funding sources/ partners
  • Strong regional partnerships and relationships
  • Aggressive use of technology for traffic management and communications
  • Planning for mobility in redevelopment to balance the impact
  • Sustained community engagement to provide feedback on mobility and understand investment priorities

Infrastructure:  Sustainable & Resilient

Sugar Land continues to maintain and develop comprehensive, sustainable, and resilient infrastructure that adapts to a dynamic environment. This is accomplished through:

  • Long-term planning efforts
  • Consistent investment in infrastructure maintenance
  • A collaborative approach to infrastructure financing
  • Partnerships with private entities and local, state, and federal agencies to support shared assets
  • Effective communication and community outreach to build understanding and support

People:  Welcoming & Engaged

Sugar Land builds relationships within our community through:

  • Big, bold visions and engagement efforts that help us understand how we can better care for our neighbors
  • Welcoming diverse opinions
  • Creating opportunities for hard conversations by facilitating open dialogue