Strategic Outcomes

Re-imagining the future requires us to have a bold vision – one that supports a next generation competitive advantage in the lifecycle of our city and focuses on initiatives intended to address City Council’s vision. Strategic Outcomes were recently identified by City Council that reflect the community’s priorities.

Watch: Strategic Outcome Areas

Finance:  Strong & Viable

Sugar Land is recognized as a leader in financial management, providing our taxpayers with exceptional value, confidence, and transparency.  Our focus is on:

  • Resiliency and adaptability
  • Innovation
  • Efficiency
  • Superior bond rating

Community:  Safe & Secure

Sugar Land is a safe community that enhances the quality of life for residents and visitors by:

  • Being ranked as the safest city in the nation
  • Leveraging the latest innovative technology to address criminal activity
  • Ensuring proper training and equipment to effectively respond to emergency events
  • Providing world-class fire and EMS response
  • Securing municipal facilities and IT infrastructure

Economy:  Thriving & Vibrant

Sugar Land is focused on re-invigorating this entrepreneurial spirit to keep us moving forward.  We recognize that the future starts now and are committed to engaging the community to re-imagine our city, by:

  • Attracting and incubating the growth of new innovators and entrepreneurs
  • Assisting businesses in creating partnerships that support growth and redevelopment
  • Proactively partnering with stakeholders to foster a spirit of civic philanthropy and an ecosystem of learning, mentoring, and giving back

Culture:  Dynamic & Fun

Sugar Land delivers a broad range of destination venues, facilities, and businesses that offer entertainment and activities for residents and visitors, including:

  • Performance venues
  • Youth and adult sports and recreation
  • Unique retail, restaurant, and hospitality environments
  • Events and outdoor celebrations

Government:  Respected & Influential

Sugar Land is respected for having strong relationships with our community and at all levels of government because we:

  • Have a bold vision and transparent governance
  • Deliver on our commitment to the public
  • Consistently focus on people over politics
  • Demonstrate innovative leadership in local government best practices

Transportation:  Connected & Convenient

Sugar Land takes a multifaceted approach by innovating mobility to connect people, places, and the future through:

  • Sustained investment in mobility infrastructure with multiple funding sources/ partners
  • Strong regional partnerships and relationships
  • Aggressive use of technology for traffic management and communications
  • Planning for mobility in redevelopment to balance the impact
  • Sustained community engagement to provide feedback on mobility and understand investment priorities

Infrastructure:  Sustainable & Resilient

Sugar Land continues to maintain and develop comprehensive, sustainable, and resilient infrastructure that adapts to a dynamic environment. This is accomplished through:

  • Long-term planning efforts
  • Consistent investment in infrastructure maintenance
  • A collaborative approach to infrastructure financing
  • Partnerships with private entities and local, state, and federal agencies to support shared assets
  • Effective communication and community outreach to build understanding and support

People:  Welcoming & Engaged

Sugar Land builds relationships within our community through:

  • Big, bold visions and engagement efforts that help us understand how we can better care for our neighbors
  • Welcoming diverse opinions
  • Creating opportunities for hard conversations by facilitating open dialogue