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  1. Sugar Land Regional Airport ATC Tower Customer Survey

    Sugar Land Regional Airport ATC Tower Customer Survey

Animal Services

  1. Lost/Found Pet Form

    Form used to submit a lost or found pet report.

City Manager's Office

  1. Request for Function Participation

    Form to request the Mayor's or a Council Members participation in an event or function.


  1. HOA Contact Update

    HOA Contact Update

  2. Non-Profit SLTV Message Board Message Request

    Non-Profit Community Message Request – all messages must benefit or serve Sugar Land residents

  1. HOA Speaker Request

    Please use this form to request a City Staff member to speak at your next HOA meeting. All attempts will be made to locate a speaker... More…

  2. Website Feedback

    Provide feedback about the website to include, content organization, technology usage, issue reporting, comments and questions.


  1. Capital Improvement Program (CIP) Request

    Capital Improvement Program (CIP) Request

  1. Railroad Crossing Closures Related to University Boulevard

    PUBLIC OPEN HOUSE Railroad Crossing Closures Related to University Boulevard

Environmental and Neighborhood Services

  1. Rental Licensing - Inspection Request Form
  1. Textile Recycling Bags Order Form

    Please complete this form to request additional textile recycling bags.

GO Bond Election

  1. GO Bond - Submit a Question

    GO Bond - Submit a Question

Municipal Court

  1. Jury Service Response Form

    Persons summoned for jury service in the Sugar Land Court may use this online form in lieu of returning the form on the reverse side of... More…

Police Department

  1. Citizen's Commendation Form

    Provide as much information as you can about the Officer or Police Employee that have positively impacted you. Our employees truly... More…

  2. Lost Property Report Form

    Individuals who have lost property are encouraged to utilize this online form to report the loss to SLPD.

  1. Contracted Tow Services

    Contracted Tow Services

  2. National Night Out Application

    National Night Out Application


  1. Cancel Water Services

    Cancel Water Services

  2. e-Bill Sign Up

    Sign up for electronic billing for your water billing statements.

  1. Change or cancel e-Bill

    Change or cancel your electronic billing configuration.

  2. Residential Water Service Application

    Residential Water Service Application