Within the last 30 years, the roundabout has become an acceptable alternative to traditional intersections (like traffic signals and stop signs). The roundabout intersection provides several benefits when considering intersection improvements.

A roundabout can provide safety improvements to a closely-spaced intersection by channeling traffic around the central island, and using yield signs to help reduce vehicle wait time.

Roundabouts also provide a traffic calming effect along a roadway corridor and aesthetic benefits with landscaping at the island and around the intersection.

Current Roundabouts

  • Imperial Blvd at Stadium Drive (multi-lane)
  • Lexington Blvd at Oxbow Drive (single lane)
  • Commonwealth Blvd at LJ Pkwy (single lane)
  • Savannah Heights Blvd (single lane)

Future Roundabouts

  • Main Street at Imperial Market (multi-lane)
  • First Colony Blvd at Soldiers Field (multi-lane)
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