The roundabout has become an acceptable form of intersection improvement (like traffic signals and stop signs). The roundabout intersection provides several benefits when considering intersection improvements.

A roundabout can provide safety improvements to a closely-spaced intersection by channeling traffic around the central island, and using yield signs to help reduce vehicle wait time. The Federal Highway Administration released their brochure (FHWA-SA-08-006) that showed modern roundabouts provide a 76% reduction in injury crashes.

Roundabouts also provide a traffic calming effect along a roadway corridor and aesthetic benefits with landscaping at the island and around the intersection.

Roundabout Benefits

  • Roundabouts help to reduce speeds along a roadway corridor. 
  • Because there are slower travel speeds and no right-angle turns in a roundabout, roundabouts typically have fewer collisions when compared to intersections with signals or stop signs.
  • Entering the roundabout by merging with traffic takes less time than waiting at a light to cross an intersection.
  • Because vehicles are not idling at intersections, roundabouts contribute to less fuel consumption.
  • Roundabouts provide aesthetic landscaping and green space in the central island.
  • Roundabout intersections can navigate high left turn and U-turn movements better than other intersections.

Current Roundabouts

  • Imperial Blvd at Stadium Drive (multi-lane)
  • Lexington Blvd at Oxbow Drive (single lane)
  • Commonwealth Blvd at LJ Pkwy (single lane)
  • Savannah Heights Blvd (single lane)

Future Roundabout

  • Owens Rd (multi-lane)

Roundabout education and resources

The following resources are available to help maintain improved safety and traffic flow, environmentally-friendly, and landscape beautification benefits at roundabouts. The video and graphics provide steps for navigating single and multi-lane roundabouts for drivers, bicyclists, and pedestrians. The resources also provide guidance on what to do when large trucks, buses, and emergency vehicles travel through a roundabout. In addition, information is provided about roundabout design and frequently asked questions about roundabouts.

Navigating Single-lane roundabouts (click icon)


Navigating Multi-lane roundabouts (click icon)