Neighborhood Traffic Policy

In 2010, the City of Sugar Land approved the Neighborhood Traffic Policy to help address concerns about traffic conditions within local neighborhoods. This policy established consistent procedures to address traffic-related issues that may occur along residential streets. Therefore both residents and staff can use the procedures on how the resident can submit a traffic issue request, how staff evaluates and studies the issue, if the study warrants a traffic change, and how the changes are implemented. 

The Neighborhood Traffic Policy provides specific procedures for each traffic issue listed below.
  • No Parking zone requests 
  • Residential Only Parking zone requests 
  • Cut-through traffic requests 
  • Speed control requests 
  • Stop Sign, Signal, and Roundabout requests 
  • Specialty Sign (i.e. Children at Play) requests 
  • Advisory, Warning, or other sign requests 
  • Other safety and traffic-related issues