Short Term Rentals

Short Term Rentals in Sugar Land

What is considered a Short Term Rental?

Any property that is leased/rented out in whole or in part (a room, for example) for less than 30 days is considered a Short Term Rental (STR).

Zoning - Residential Districts

The use of a property as an STR violates the City of Sugar Land's zoning regulations and is not allowed within the city’s residential zoning districts.

STRs fall under the SIC Code 7021 - Rooming and Boarding Houses. The information can be found in the Sugar Land Development Code Land Use Matrix in Sec. 2-71.

Potential Fines

Violations of city zoning regulations could result in fines of up to $2,000 per day.

Better Neighborhoods Through Zoning

The city's goal through its zoning regulations is to maintain neighborhood integrity. Authorizing STRs to exist within residential districts disrupts the nature of, and is incompatible with the designated use of that district.

The city has been made aware of specific concerns as it relates to STRs, among these are:
  • Increased traffic associated with the STR
  • Nuisance complaints regarding parties/noise, trash, and parking issues
  • Concerns regarding strangers coming in and out of the neighborhoods on a frequent basis

Code Enforcement - Questions and Reporting of Potential Violations

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