Neighborhood Registration

The City of Sugar Land maintains an online contact database of registered homeowners, neighborhood associations, and recognized community groups across Sugar Land.

The goal of this contact list is to facilitate communication between neighborhood groups, enhance communication between City departments and these groups, and enable these groups to take advantage of various City programs and benefits.

Not sure if your neighborhood is registered? Check the neighborhood resource map. Still don’t see your neighborhood? Read more about the benefits of registration below, and then complete the registration form.

What are the benefits of registering my neighborhood group/association? 

  • Addition of your group to the Neighborhood Resources Map.
  • Will receive an invitation to quarterly HOA meetings.
  • Be included in regular notifications about upcoming neighborhood-related events and programs.
  • Eligibility to various programs provided by the City, including the Block Party Trailer.


Registration is easy and can be completed online.

If you have already registered your group, you can use the same form to submit information updates.

Please note

  • Registration should only be made by HOA board members, neighborhood representatives, or neighborhood leaders.
  • Please review the neighborhood resources map (below) prior to registering and ensure your group has not already been registered. 
  • If registering for the first time, note that the geographic boundaries (streets, lake, stream, etc...) of your neighborhood or represented group will be required.

Neighborhood Resources Map

All information displayed in the neighborhood resource map is provided voluntarily by the registered neighborhood groups. The information is provided as a courtesy to residents and is limited to those groups that register with the City. The City assumes no liability for any errors, omissions, or inaccuracies of the data.

If unable to see a map below, please use the alternate map page.