Smart Irrigation Controller Program

The City of Sugar Land is offering a discounted Smart Irrigation Controller to Sugar Land Residents, at either $69.99 (retails at $149.99) for a four-zone controller, $99.99 (retails at $199.99) for an eight-zone controller, or $119.99 (retails at $249.99) for a 16-zone controller.

Learn more and purchase your discounted smart controller today!

Image of a Smart Irrigation Controller

What is a smart irrigation controller?

A smart irrigation controller is a sprinkler controller that allows you to access your system settings through your smartphone. Traditional irrigation controllers operate on a preset schedule. The smart controller being offered automatically adjusts your watering schedule based the specific needs of your yard, localized weather data and more, so you only water when you need to. With features like rain skip, wind skip, freeze skip, saturation skip, and seasonal shift, your smart controller will maximize schedule efficiency for worry-free watering.

Offering discounted smart irrigation controllers to our residents is a water conservation strategy outlined in the City’s Integrated Water Resources Plan.

Before ordering your Smart Controller make sure you are aware of the following program features:

  • You must be a Sugar Land resident to purchase a controller, and you will need your water bill Account Number to verify your address
  • You must install the controller yourself. Just follow the DIY installations steps in your confirmation email after you redeem
  • The controller will ship directly to your address
  • The controller syncs to your smartphone, so you must have a smartphone and be comfortable using smartphone apps, and have strong Wi-Fi
  • Make sure you confirm how many zones your current irrigation controller has before ordering.

If you have additional questions about the smart irrigation controller program, please call 281-275-2450 or email