Water Conservation


Water conservation is an essential strategy to manage water resources and secure ample water supplies for Sugar Land's future. Reducing water use and preventing water loss is the focus of the city's water conservation programming and community outreach efforts.

Conservation Programs

Residential Irrigation System Evaluations
Free Residential Program to identify irrigation system inefficiencies that contribute to high water consumption.

Water My Yard
A program that utilizes local weather data collected by an extensive network of weather stations and rain gauges in Fort Bend County along with research-based understanding of plant water needs to send weekly watering advice tailored for your specific lawn!

Learning to be WaterWise
Learn more about this innovative student education program and how it benefits the city's long range water management.

Smart Irrigation Controller Program
Discounted smart irrigation controllers automatically adjust irrigation settings based on localized weather data for efficient watering!

Conservation Tips

Saving Water Indoors
Saving water inside the house is easier than you think. Committing to water conservation fortifies our community’s quality of life.

Saving Water Outdoors
Consider these water saving recommendations to reduce water consumption and maintain a beautiful landscape.

A few things to consider when watering your lawn

You can water your lawn twice a week and still have a healthy lawn! Most homeowners over-water their lawns, which can harm lawn quality more than under-watering. A few things to consider:

  • Over-watering is not just bad for your lawn - it’s also bad for the environment.
  • Water only when grass and plants begin to show signs of distress.
  • Watering before plants need it produces weaker landscapes and lawns with shallow root systems that are more susceptible to drought conditions.
  • Water conservation helps us as a community to be good stewards of our environment, and take care of our precious natural resources for years to come! 

While we have plenty of water supply for our residents, the increased demand for water at specific times may strain our system. By reducing the number of days you water your lawn, you’ll be helping lessen the demand for water at peak times, ensuring that our water system is running smoothly! 

Drought Conditions - Did You Know

Since water conservation is an essential strategy to manage water resources and keep our environment happy, it takes all of us to work together as a team!

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