Leak Adjustment Request

An unusual high water bill could be the result of a leak somewhere in your property. If you received a high water bill due to a leak and have fixed the leak, you might qualify for an adjustment on a future bill.

More on leak adjustments requests

  • Currently, leak adjustments are for residential customers only. 
  • Leak adjustments are limited to one - per rolling twelve-month period and per customer.
    • If you qualify, up to two consecutive billing periods affected by the leak may receive an adjustment.
    • It may take up to two billing cycles before the adjustment will be applied as a credit to the utility account. 
  • The adjustment will be calculated using the previous twelve (12) month’s bills (excluding high bills due to the leak).
  • If the high water bill occurs during the calculation of winter quarter average, your winter average will be recalculated and your next bill adjusted accordingly.
  • A maximum adjustment of $2,500 will be applied per qualified customer.


Types of leaks that might qualify

Toilet leaks

Water softener leaks
Outdoor faucets
Leaks in the primary residence
A break in the line between the meter and the house

XMarkTypes of leaks that would not qualify

Leaks on water features (fountains or pools)
Excess water charges not resulting from a leak
Filling a swimming pool
Watering of lawns and gardens
Leaks in any structure other than the primary residence
Customers who do not own their own water meter
Irrigation systems

Requesting an adjustment

Leak adjustment requests can be completed online.

  1. Requests must be submitted within 60 days of repair completion
  2. Ensure you have documentation of repair work completion in electronic format. Acceptable documentation can be:
    • A receipt for work done by a contractor
    • Receipts for parts purchased to fix the repair
  3. Fill out and submit the credit adjustment form (below)

You will be contacted by the city's Treasury department by phone or email once it is determined if your request was approved or not.


Email: treasury@sugarlandtx.gov