Inspector Tracker (EZTrack)

The Inspector Tracker (EZTrack) enables you to learn more about your assigned inspector and (on the day of your scheduled inspection) check your place in their inspection queue.

Keep in mind

  • You will need a permit or IVR number
  • EZTrack can only be used on the actual day of your inspection

Using EZTrack

1. Access

There are two easy ways to access EZTrack on the day of your scheduled inspection.


2. Enter your permit or IVR number

  1. Enter your permit or IVR number(permit numbers are listed in the upper right hand corner of all permits)PermitNumber
  2. Click "Track Now"

3. See information related to your upcoming inspection

  • Type of inspection, permit number and address
  • Name, photo and number of your inspector
  • Number of sites your inspector will visit before yours