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This page provides an overview of the tools and resources offered to our customers. Read below for more information about what is available to you as you prepare for your next project.


Building Codes | Citizen Self-Service | Inspector Tracker (EZTrack) | Interactive Permits Guide | Permit Estimation Guide (PEG) | The Pulse Newsletter

Building Codes

The City of Sugar Land certifies code compliance with the models established by the 2015 International Code Council (ICC) and the 2020 National Electrical Code (NEC). The page below provides links to some of codes used by builders.

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Citizen Self-Service (CSS)

Citizen Self-Service (CSS) is Sugar Land’s online permitting portal. Available 24/7, this application allows users to apply for building permits, make payments, schedule inspections, and more.

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Inspector Tracker

 The Inspector Tracker (EZTrack) is a mobile application that enables users to monitor their place in the daily inspection queue. It also provides users with inspector profiles, contact information, and real-time updates of their inspector’s location.

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Interactive Permits Guide

The Interactive Permits Guide is an infographic that offers quick answers to basic questions about permits. Users hover their cursor over various features of an illustrated structure (e.g., lights, flooring, etc.) to learn whether or not a permit is required.

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Permit Estimation Guide

The Permit Estimation Guide (PEG) is a tool that allows users to generate an estimate of the permits and costs associated with a given project. By simply following the onscreen steps and answering a few questions, users will be provided with an estimation of what their project may entail.

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The Pulse Newsletter

The Pulse Newsletter is a quarterly email publication that provides subscribers with the latest news about the permits and inspections offices. 

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