Facility Fee Exemption

Ordinance Amendment

At the January 17, 2006 City Council meeting, the City Council approved an amendment to Chapter Two of the Sugar Land Code of Ordinances. The new amendment provides fee exemptions to eligible nonprofit organizations for meetings and fundraisers as designated in the ordinance.


In summary, the revision to the City's Fee Ordinance proposes an exemption for two situations:
  • Charitable organizations that meet certain criteria including being recognized as a tax-exempt charitable organization by the IRS under Section 501(c)3 or Section 501(c)4 may be exempt from the nonprofit / nonpeak fee for meetings / activities and/or from the peak and nonpeak fee for their nonprofit fundraisers
  • Organizations that do not qualify for the exemption may qualify for an exemption for fundraising events where 100% of all the funds raised provide a direct charitable benefit to the City of Sugar Land or City residents.


For more information, please email us or call the Parks and Recreation Department at 281-275-2885.