Temporary Food Guidelines for Events

Coordinating An Event

As the City has grown, we have seen an increase in differing types of festivals, races and other events. In an effort to ensure the food and drink provided to the public at these events is safe and prepared in sanitary conditions, the City requires a temporary food permit for any event taking place within the City of Sugar Land where food or beverages will be offered to the public (for free or for sale) at a location other than a permanent fixed food establishment.

Event Producers (individual/organization putting the event together)

  • Contact the Food Inspection Program at 281-275-2170 or via email at foodinspection@sugarlandtx.gov at least six weeks before the event is to take place.
  • Staff will assist you with determining which is the most appropriate type of temporary food permit for your event

Types of Temporary Food Permits


Type I:

 Type II:

Vendors that do not hold an annual permit from the City of Sugar Land must also submit an application (Temporary Food Vendor Applicationand provide a copy of their valid food permit, most recent inspection report, sales tax id, and insurance (food trucks). An additional fee of $22.00 will be assessed to the Event Producer for each vendor that must submit an application.

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Required Preparations

The Event Producer must submit an application for either a Type I or a Type II and provide the Food Inspection Program with a list of all vendors participating in the event. Any applications submitted for a Temporary Food Permit Type I within five (5) days of the event will be assessed a fee to expedite the approval. Applications submitted for a Temporary Food Permit Type II within fourteen (14) days of the event will also be assessed a fee to expedite the approval.

Once all applications are approved, the Event Producer will be notified that payment can be made through the Treasury Department at City Hall. Upon receipt of payment, the permit will be provided to the Event Producer. Event Producers / vendors who fail to obtain the required approvals may receive a citation and be required to cease operations.

Food Establishment Guidelines

The guidelines provide key information regarding the operation of a temporary food establishment. Event Producers are asked to share this information with their vendors to ensure that the food and beverages offered to the public are safe and handled correctly.

Note: A temporary food establishment permit does not assume approval is issued from other City departments or entities. The individual or organization responsible for coordinating the event is responsible for obtaining the required temporary event approvals from the property.

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