White Tailed Deer

Basic Information

White-tailed deer live in groups of about six. In severe winters, as many as 50 will gather. Its diet consists of grasses, leaves, fruits, and flowers. Only the male or buck, will have antlers which are shed every winter. A male deer will grow a single spike antler its first year, and by the age of three he will have about eight points on his antlers. When alarmed, the deer leaps into the air and exposes the white marking under its tail; this warns other deer of danger. It is native to all but five states in the United States. Deer can run as fast as 36 mph, jump as high as 8.5 feet, and leap as far as 30 feet. In the wild they live only two to three years.

Fun Facts

The fawns (baby deer) are spotted and stay with the mothers for one to two years. A baby’s spots will disappear in three to four months. It is more common for does to have twins than a single baby. It is not uncommon for the mother to leave the fawns during the day to hunt for food. Deer have a set of baby teeth just like humans. They start out with four teeth and by 18 months will have their permanent teeth.