Eastern Grey Squirrel

Basic Information

The eastern grey squirrel is native to the eastern, and mid-western United States, and lives on every continent except Australia, and Antarctica.Their lifespan is one to two years.Their bushy tail is used to shade them from the sun, and for warmth and balance.The tail is also used to signal other squirrels if it feels threatened. They communicate through scolding, barking, and chucking noises.
  • They are known as a food hoarder and store food for later recovery.
  • Their diet consists of nuts, mushrooms, seeds, and tree bark.
  • Their nest is called a drey, and is made out of leaves and twigs.
  • Their litter consists of two to four hairless and blind babies.

Fun Facts

Grey squirrels do not hibernate. Their incisors (front teeth) grow throughout their lifespan, about six inches a year.They have four long, flexible toes on their front feet and five toes on their back feet, which allows for their excellent climbing abilities.