Broad-Banded Water Snake

Basic Information

The broad-banded water snake lives throughout the eastern and southeastern regions of Texas.It is an aquatic species seldom found far from a source of water.It feeds on small aquatic creatures such as fish, tadpoles, frogs, toads, and occasionally crayfish.Adults typically reach 22 to 36 inches in length.The record size is 45 inches.Like other water snakes, when threatened or provoked it will often display a very aggressive and nasty disposition. The broad-banded water snake is active mainly during the daytime. Broad-banded water snakes are often found in yards when they attempt to find new water sources, especially if the yard is watered on a regular basis. Regular watering also attracts frogs and toads, which are a favored food item for these snakes.

Fun Facts

  • Broad-banded water snakes bear their young live, unlike most snakes who lay eggs.