Hognose Snake

Basic Information

The eastern hognose snake exists throughout most of the eastern United States including the eastern half of Texas.Even though it is harmless, this unique snake puts on an extraordinary defensive display when threatened.They will inflate their bodies with air, hiss loudly, and flatten their heads in a cobra-like fashion.The hognose snake feeds almost completely on toads and frogs.Adults are generally 20 to 30 inches in length with the record length being 45.5 inches. The female will lay 60 eggs in the soil in June or July and the hatchling snakes will be six to nine inches long. The hognose snake is a favorite meal of hawks and opossums. Their upturned nose is used for digging in moist ground to look for food. These snakes hibernate in the winter by burrowing into the soil.

Fun Facts

Sometimes when threatened, the hognose will roll over on its back, go into what appears to be convulsions, and then lie still as if it is dead.It will even open its mouth and let its tongue out to help with the charade. They will even stay limp when picked up in this state.