Basic Information

The beaver is the largest rodent in North America. It is native to Canada, United States, and parts of northern Mexico. Most beaver are hunted for fur. They are dark brown with a thick layer of fat under the skin to insulate them from a cold water environment. A beaver’s diet consists of bark, twigs, and roots. It’s incisor teeth are large and bright orange, and used for gnawing. They are well known for building dams in rivers and streams. The dams they build can be disruptive by causing flooding, yet beneficial to restoring wetlands. Beavers build lodges to live in and the entrance is always underwater.
  • Beavers do not hibernate.
  • They have webbed hind feet for swimming.
  • Their young are called kits.

Fun Facts

  • Beavers can stay underwater for as long as 15 minutes.
  • Their eyes are covered by a membrane which allows them to see underwater and their nostrils and ears also seal while underwater as not to allow in any water.
  • When it slaps its broad flat tail on the water it is a signal for danger.
  • Beavers have scent glands that secrete an oily substance called castoreum which is used to waterproof their fur.