Levee Improvement Districts

Levee Improvement Districts (LIDs) are political subdivisions of the State of Texas responsible for providing flood protection and stormwater management services.

In addition, LIDs also:

  • construct and maintain levees and other flood control improvements along rivers
  • reclaim lands from overflow from the rivers
  • provide for proper drainage of the reclaimed lands that they protect

LIDs are created and operate pursuant to the powers granted to them by the Texas Constitution and are subject to the administrative supervision of the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ).

LIDs in Fort Bend County are funded by publicly sold tax-exempt municipal bonds which are then paid off through property tax assessments levied by the District.

LIDs are independent entities governed by a Board of Directors who are appointed by the Commissioners Court of Fort Bend County or are elected by the residents. Visiting your LID’s website can help you understand more on how your board is selected.

Is my home protected by a LID?

There are nine LIDs that operate over the majority of Sugar Land. It is highly encouraged for residents to be aware of their respective LID and be informed about their activities. During emergency events, such as an extreme rain event, LIDs activate their respective Emergency Action Plans which outline actions to be taken by the LID in response to such emergencies.

LIDs that operate within Sugar Land

The map below shows active LIDs within Sugar Land city limits. Zoom in to a specific area or run an address search to see if your home is protected by a LID. If unable to see the map, try the alternate map link.

More Information

Once you determine the LID you're protected by, visit their website to learn more about their operations and sign up for their notifications.

Is your home not listed on the map as being covered by a LID?

For areas of the city not covered by a LID, the City of Sugar Land represents all functions related to stormwater management and floodplain.